Branded Material collateral (brochures) promotional products corporate identity: business cards, letterhead, signage, tradeshow booths ,banners, interior signs, online ads and direct mail business cards, letterhead, signage: tradeshow booths, banners; interior signs

Physical on-site company stores require a minimum of 1,000 employees on-site and lots of brand love. A w-h-o-l-e lot of brand love. (Not everyone has full-fledged evangelists like Google or Apple). And yet, many of us feel passionately about what we do and work hard to promote the company’s we work for. We’re proud of our association with the companies we represent. We know advertising what we do is imperative to success. We know promotions play a large part of increasing awareness and generating goodwill. Does a solution exist that won’t drain the creative energy of the marketing department yet still make available collateral and promotional materials? Is there a solution that will expedite the fulfillment of these materials to the field to directly impact your business?

The Virtual Company Store will allow you to create, make available and distribute promotional materials (collateral, promotions, corporate identity, etc.) to your colleagues faster and with fewer resources than ever before. “Virtual” has lost it’s meaning in our Web 2.0 dominated world, but a virtual store can actually achieve more than an on-site store while requiring much less commitment from personnel.






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